Case Study – Sedlescombe Bridge

Existing Bridge


  • The maximum deflection under a characteristic live load of 5kPa was 24.4mm, less than span/300.
  • The minimum natural frequency was 9.71 Hz.
  • The maximum handrail deflection under a 1400N/m transverse load was 24.4mm, less than span/300.
  • The maximum deformation under a 10kN local load was 4.5mm.
  • All strains were kept below allowable limits under ULS load cases.
  • The bridge is to be bolted to a plinth with at least 2 x M20 grade 5.8 bolts each end, taking a maximum axial load of 122kN under ULS conditions.
  • Bolted connections shall accommodate an allowance of at least +/-5mm for thermal expansion.