Due to economic & climate considerations Clients demand ever more sustainable options when trying to repair or extend the life of their bridges rather than its complete replacement.

Bridges often require repairs and eventually wholescale replacement of key structural elements during its service life & these can be very expensive and disruptive to the users of the bridge.

Perhaps the most disruptive and costly is that of the deck replacement which could be steel, concrete or a timber deck for pedestrians, cyclists and vehicle trafficking.

One such option for Clients to consider is the use of our 120 year design life Lifespan composite decks incorporating Infracore technology which can be designed, manufactured & installed as a new lightweight composite deck, reducing the deck dead load by 50%.

Such decks also reduce the environmental impact in terms of carbon and energy embodiment and are quicker and safer to install compared to traditional materials resulting in minimal disruption for the bridge owner and users. The decks are delivered complete with surfacing and ready for installation onsite.

Bespoke fixing details are designed to securely fasten the new deck sections onto the existing bridge structure & service ducts and water drainage can be incorporated in the deck design as required. Crash barriers and parapets can be bolted to the deck kerb to meet current DMRB standards and Eurocodes.

Bridges that require widening or the segration of pedestrians & cyclists from vehicular traffic can also have additional FRP composite decks added quickly & easily onto the bridge structure - again often with minimal works being required to the structural elements of the bridge.

If you would like to consider re-decking or widening options for an existing bridge or a new design please get in touch.

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