Sedlescombe Footbridge

Sedlescombe Bridge

clientEast Sussex CC
8m long
1.35m wide1.35m wide

Lifespan Structures recently installed an FRP Bridge at Sedlescombe.

The structure has regular foot traffic as people walk to the recreation area from the village.  The bridge was aesthetically designed to blend in with its surrounding environment and it now looks very much part of the landscape.

Designed to Highways England Standard BD90/05 and constructed from FRP using resin infused techniques the bridge was installed by client East Sussex County Council.


Existing Bridge

Sedlescombe Footbridge before replacement with FRP Lifespan Bridge Deck:

Design & Installation

  • The maximum deflection under a characteristic live load of 5kPa was 24.4mm, less than span/300.
  • The minimum natural frequency was 9.71 Hz.
  • The maximum handrail deflection under a 1400N/m transverse load was 24.4mm, less than span/300.
  • The maximum deformation under a 10kN local load was 4.5mm.
  • All strains were kept below allowable limits under ULS load cases.
  • The bridge is to be bolted to a plinth with at least 2 x M20 grade 5.8 bolts each end, taking a maximum axial load of 122kN under ULS conditions.
  • Bolted connections shall accommodate an allowance of at least +/-5mm for thermal expansion.