Covert Way Footbridge

clientLondon Borough of Enfield
5m long5m long
1.2m wide1.2m wide


A small bridge, just 5m span, used to gain public access across a drainage ditch into a local nature reserve. The client was concerned that a traditional timber structure would have reduced durability due to damp environment, so selected the FRP option to reduce maintenance and subsequent whole life cost. Its very well used by a lot of happy, wet and very muddy dogs!


The outputs from the design process were;

  • Designed to the requirements of Eurocodes, and CUR Recommendation 96
  • The maximum deflection under a characteristic live load of 5kN/m2 was 30mm, less than span/100
  • The minimum natural frequency was 7.0 Hz, Greater or equal to 2.3Hz
  • All strains were kept below allowable limits under ULS load cases
  • Bolted connections shall accommodate an allowance of at least +/-2.5mm for thermal expansion