Design for FRP Bridges

The DMRB was updated by Highways England just before the lockdown started. We were probably all distracted from noticing this at the time.

The technical changes were substantial, especially regarding FRP bridges but the structure of the suite of documents changed. A summary of these changes can be seen at (

One key change for us is the replacement of BD90/05 with CD368. CD368 updates the approach to FRP bridges. The new approach is now quite closely aligned with current European guidance documents. This is very much in keeping with our approach.

CD368 can be obtained on line ( Please do contact us directly if you would like a summary of the update, both for FRP bridges and footbridges in general.

BD90/05 BD90/05 CD368 CD368 CUR96 CUR96 Cycleway Footbridge FRP Composites Pedestrian